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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Finding Treasures

The other day I was rooting around in a drawer I don't visit too often... unbeknownst to me, it turns out a binder of book reviews I started long ago with a couple of friends was hiding in the depths of that drawer. What a great surprise! It brought back so many memories to read all those old reviews and I was so happy to have found that! So the next time I get a chance to get some reviews posted on here (I'm behind yet again!) I will hopefully get some of those older reviews posted as well. Isn't it great what you can find when you least expect it!?

On another note, I am looking for some good suggestions on new reading material. Please suggest novels of any genre; although I generally read fiction, I am eager to dip into other sections of the bookstores as well. My past couple of experiences with the Fantasy section didn't pan out too well, so I'm always appreciative of any suggestions in that genre specifically.

Hope you're all enjoying getting ready for the holidays, and, of course, making a little time for yourselves to catch up on some reading!


  1. Hmm, suggestions....
    I really liked Phillipa Gregory (she wrote "The Other Boleyn Girl"). Detailed storylines and engaging stories of the English monarchy.

    And have you read Diana Gabaldon? I can't remember if I saw her on your list.

    "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire is also clever- it is different version of the Wizard of Oz. The rest of his I foubd to be hit and miss though, some clever, again, and some...well...strange.

    Jack Whyte has an Arthur series that are well written, and he is from Kelowna, I believe. On the topic of Arthur, "The Mists of Avalon" is the Arthur tale told from the perspective of the women around him(I would not be surprised if you have already read it!). And Stephen Lawhead for another spin on the Arthur tale.

    "A Town Like Alice" by Nevil Shute was really good, (and on the BBC 100 list!). Partially based on a true story, it would fit, I think, was some of the other novels you have reviewed here.

    There is a start and I will try to think of more (I have not been reading much for pleasure lately- mostly just reading for school).

  2. Gabaldon is on your list. Oh, I almost forgot- for an intense fantasy series, "The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan. It has a very intricate storyline and there are still more in the series to come out I believe.