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Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Perfect

Picture PerfectPicture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

As if waking up in a cemetery isn't strange enough, Cassandra Barrett has no idea why she has a large gash on her forehead... or where she lives, for that matter. Suffering from mild amnesia, Cassie has no idea who she is or why she was in a cemetary, but with the help of the new police officer in town, Will, Cassie soon learns that she lives a life she couldn't have imagined possible - she is the wife of Hollywood heartthrob Alex Rivers. Trying to fit back into her life proves more difficult than she expected, especially when her memory starts coming back in bits and pieces until she finally remembers what she had been running from that led her into the cemetary that night.

This was a good novel, admittedly not my favourite Jodi Picoult novel, but it was still a very well written story. One thing I quite liked was the slight variance from her usual style - there were no courtroom scenes. It made for a nice change of pace. I must say, of all the novels I've read by Jodi Picoult, I found that I didn't connect with these characters as much as I have with the characters in her other novels. I disliked Alex right from the start, and although that may have been her intent, I wasn't really keen on the "good guy", Will, either. This would be the only Jodi Picoult novel that I won't re-read, and the only one I wouldn't recommend to anyone else.

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