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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wishlists & Airmiles

So I have just been on the Chapters website updating my wishlist of books (3 pages worth!). I think it is great that they offer this service as it is a way for my family members to access a list of books I would like to have without worry that I will be given a duplicate of a book I already own. I encourage my family members (mom in particular) to go on the website and start a list of their own as well as I often find it difficult to choose books for other people - not everyone likes to read the same thing! The best part is: you don't even have to approach the recipient of the book to gain access to their wishlist - you simply go to the Chapters website and enter their email address to see their wishlist! It's that easy! Plus that means that you don't have to give away the fact that you're getting a book for someone for their birthday, Christmas, etc.

On that note, I have just started in on my third-to-last new book from Christmas. Once I've finished these, I should hopefully have enough Airmiles to get more! For those of you who are not Airmiles Collectors, I encourage you to look into that as well. Over the past two years, I doubt I have actually spent even $30 on books - instead, I redeem my Airmiles for a Chapters gift card and use that (either online or instore) to get my books. Since I shop at Safeway so often, it doesn't take long for the points to add up. It takes 365 points to get a $50 gift card - that can buy quite a few books (especially if they're in the "bargain" category). It makes it much cheaper for those of us who prefer to buy books rather than borrow them from the library.

Hope everyone is enjoying a good book on this cold day. Happy Reading!

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